Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi, my name is Nicole. I'm a dressage rider in KY who is also trying to start a business in organic growing/ farming. It's an uphill battle, but I think I'm getting there slowly! I have four ponies and an ex-racehorse gelding, Orion. I've had a hard time getting much done with him, because there are almost no trainers in my area who do dressage. I've finally found someone who teaches it about an hour and a half from here. Hopefully I'm finally getting to the light at the end of the tunnel! My gelding is 12 years old, 16hh, and I've had him for three years. He's dark bay in the summer, but gets black in the winter! I have a pic here of him with his little buddy, a Shetland pony mare Mistral. The funny thing about these two is that, if he leaves her, say to go for a ride, he's fine about leaving her, but if she wanders away from him, he gets very upset and has to go look for her. I have two large pony mares, Kelli and Shaula, and one other small Shetland type pony, Sophie. Kelli was the first horse I got, and for a long time she was a wonderful little mare for me. Unfortunately, she suffered a permanent sacroiliac injury about four years ago, so I don't do much with her anymore. I like to take her for a hack from time to time, because she actually really likes to have me doing stuff with her. Shaula is, or I should say, was Kelli's baby. She'll be five in May, and I've started her under saddle myself and she handled everything very well. I'm waiting to do more with her until I get some lessons, which will hopefully be soon.

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